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Egyptians Are Not God (1)

"For these Egyptians are minor people, not God! Their steeds are weak substance, not relentless spirits! At the point when the LORD grasps his clench hand against them, they will bumble and fall... " Isaiah 31:3 

God will bargain unequivocally, lethal hits to your foes this time around. They have been endured sufficiently long and they now botch this heavenly tolerance to mean shortcoming. Like the Pharaoh of Egypt, they bargain horrendously with us and furthermore ask, "Who is that God that can spare us from their hands?" They manage us and furthermore scorn our God. Jesus! Presently, regardless of the possibility that we keep on keeping calm, God won't. It is the ideal opportunity for the Almighty to show up and I guarantee you that He won't baffle. Genuine. He has sat tight for them to apologize, to leave us alone, yet they underestimate the effortlessness, for the shortcoming, for stupidity. Presently, you will perceive what will happen. 
Egyptians Are Not God (1)

Egypt in the book of scriptures speaks to the place where there is persecution - physical and otherworldly. It can likewise speak to a condition of wickedness, paganism. Egyptians are the oppressors. They speak to the severe, stiff-necked, careless, evil, sorted out, striking, glad and decided foes. Adversaries that have pledged to decimate us and whatever we speak to. I underestimate it additionally that you realize that there are levels of adversaries. There are foes that will stop at begrudging you. There are ones that will go further to deride and belittle you. However, there are others that will really go past all these to intentionally anticipate how to hurt you physically and profoundly. These are the 'Pharaohs and the Egyptians'. They will never withdraw from assaulting us unless God stops them by the
drive. Like Pharaoh, they have promised never to release you into your favors and legacy. Yet, I see them sinking today like Pharaoh sank in the Red Sea. No, you didn't hear me well. I said that each Pharaoh seeking after you will sink today in the powerful name of Jesus!

The "Egyptians" speak to those glad, inhumane and pretentious adversaries. They gloat of their control over you. They brag of their quality, the associations and their leeway over you. They additionally brag of their weapons - profoundly and physically. They gloat that they will hold you down and inevitably kill you. These are the classification of adversaries God is tending to here. Presently, the expression of God is stating to you that these egotistic 'Egyptians', adversaries are minor people and not God. They a diminutive (feeble) substance. Their dangers will most likely come to nothing. Yes, they will die with their dangers and you will praise your triumph. Offer this message. We will proceed.