القائمة الرئيسية


Go to Zarephath

"At that point, the LORD said to Elijah, 'Go and live in the town of Zarephath, close to the city of Sidon. There is a dowager there who will bolster you. I have given her my guidelines." 1 Kings 17: 8-9 

Troublesome circumstances are the best circumstances, best chances to expect the extraordinary intercessions of paradise in our issues. What's more, understanding this endless truth is basic to our achievement in this voyage of life. Our God remains the Almighty in the stormy or dry season, spring time or winter, in great and also in troublesome circumstances. Circumstances, conditions, seasons and condition may change, however, God and His designs stay steady. His interminable purposes remain until the end of time! 

At the point when there was a dry spell in Israel, He advised the Prophet Elijah to go and camp close to a creek (a little stream). There will dependably be a "creek" avoided the 'dry season'. Acclaim God! He requested that he drink from it and guaranteed Elijah that He has likewise ordered the ravens to bring him nourishment. The flying creatures later brought the righteous man bread and meat in the mornings and nights. Is it accurate to say that you are there? Feathered creatures ordered to go to a specific place to provide for a man what they should eat themselves? Goodness! We should start to perceive that some person made and is responsible for this universe. God controls the issues of all creation. He can bring out something from anything. At the point when Elijah complied with the perfect orders, he was not baffled. The flying creatures as indicated by the order of their producer kept the day by day proportion. Would we be able to simply start to obey God? Would we be able to simply start to stroll by confidence and not by locate? 

God alone knows where all that you require is. What's more, He knows best how to interface you up to it. When you remain in acquiescence to Him, He will interface and manage you by divine, extraordinary means. He made the seasons and is additionally the special case that can move them. He permitted the dry spell in Israel in any case, and now He knows precisely where there is as yet a flood of water streaming. When you trust and take after God, you will never come up short on effortlessness and supply. Also, this is the thing that we require right now. I see you finding a concealed "creek" supply today in Jesus' name! I likewise observe the standard thing, an unusual "raven" bringing consistent, required and enough supplies to you in Jesus' name! They won't be winged animals like on account of Elijah, yet those instruments - human and other-worldly that God has arranged for you at this period. They will ensure that you don't need. They will support and associate you to your predetermination. 

They have been told by paradise to help you; to ensure that the will of God is done in your life. God beyond any doubt knows your necessities. He knows where the supply is, and furthermore whom to utilize. Like I stated, where there is a dry spell, there is likewise a concealed rivulet to be found. Genuine. He is the Almighty! We will proceed.