Btc roulette Kim Jung-Un Vs World: The Nuclear War That Will Never Happen - Part 2

Kim Jung-Un Vs World: The Nuclear War That Will Never Happen - Part 2

In Part 1, "Kim Jung-Un versus World: The Nuclear War that will never happen," I insinuated the reason "Why" an atomic war isn't going to ever happen. Be that as it may, all through the unending times of worldwide human trafficking; local wars, starvations, ailments, genocides, financial subsidences, and so forth, will likewise be permitted.

Since these man-made Black Psyops are expected to fortify the religious and budgetary accounts (i.e. monotheism, free enterprise, socialism) that monitor mankind. 

(Keep in mind: "Nobody is conceived loathing someone else as a result of the shade of his skin, or his experience, or his religion... in the event that they can figure out how to despise, they can be educated to love.") 

Who is behind the Black-Psyops against Humanity? 

The United States government Incorporated and its intermediaries (i.e. predominant press, Non-benefit Groups, Politicians, United Nations, KKK, Shriner's, Freemason's and so forth.) 

(Keep in mind: The Authors turn into the Authority, and the Authorities announce their own data to be Authentic!) 

For whatever length of time that the total populace is being sustained false data through disinformation crusades as (i.e. racial pressures, petulant races, political disunity, Geo-Political Saber Rattling, and so forth.) purposeful diversions that keep mankind from regularly discovering the reality that the world we live in is a goliath aquarium! 

The NASA space program is a flat out misrepresentation! Which is likewise comprehensive of the European Space Agency in participation with China, Russia, and Japanese space organization programs. 

At the point when did the "Experts" discover reality? 

Jean-François Champollion deciphered the dialect and uncovered the insider facts of the Ancient Egyptian human advancement for The Grand Orient de France Masonic Order by interpreting the Rosetta Stone and a few hundred other antiquated writings. Before 1828 the main 'verification' that existed of "Level Earth" were the records of classical times from Alexandria on Elephantine Island close Syene (Aswan, Egypt) Ancient Babylon The Treasure of Nimrod, The Iraqi National Museum (Baghdad, Iraq) and the Vatican Secret Archives. Champollion's interpretations were considered "sin" since they didn't fit the "Cherishing God" story of the Roman Catholic Church and he was killed by artisans from P2 Masonic Lodge. 

In 1871 the Thule Society was a mystery society that existed as the forerunner to the Nazi Party. Its individuals called themselves "Theosophists" and are known to be the overseers and managers of obscure mysterious information go down from the Antediluvian time frame. 

In 1934 Adolph Hitler's significant aspiration was to end up noticeably Supreme Chancellor of Germany keeping in mind the end goal to grab a chair at the table of the League of Nations. As the leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler saved no cost and submitted ALL the financial assets of Germany to investigate the Masonic legends of the Thule Society. In 1937 Nazi Germany was the primary administration to affirm the presence of the "Level Earth" by means of Nazi innovative accomplishments under Project Vril. 

What is the reality that Adolph Hitler found? 

The supposed "Globe" is a 24,901-mile government protected habitat. The V-2 rockets that Nazi Germany propelled were ballistic rockets that contained 'High Altitude Cameras' that acquired photographic confirmation that lone existed already in the records of classical times from Alexandria on Elephantine Island close Syene (Aswan, Egypt); Ancient Babylon The Treasure of Nimrod; The Iraqi National Museum (Baghdad, Iraq) and the Vatican Secret Archives. 


Since "There is no religion higher than truth." In the United States, the Founding Fathers were recently and properly "Acknowledged Freemasons" however they didn't have the entrance to the hallowed records of Antiquity that their European brethren had. So American masonic interest with Egyptian and Persian ancient pieces was significantly more voracious. The Shriner's and Freemasons that ran The Federal Reserve Bank and Americas wealthiest companies were urgent for mysterious information. It wasn't until the late 1950's under 'Operation Paperclip' that the military mechanical complex had at last procured the Nazi researcher to cause build up the innovation to affirm reality. 

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy announced that space investigation is a budgetary need and started an emotional development of the U.S. space program. In 1962 (i.e. Operation Fish Bowl) President Kennedy reaffirmed the United States responsibility in his "We go to the moon" discourse. 

President John F. Kennedy had the ethical bravery and initiative to confer boundless assets to affirm 'Reality' about the "Globe". Tragically, the "Profound State" did not concur with educating the world's overall public. President John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963 (like Jean-Francois Champollion) by Masons of the of P2 Masonic Lodge, now working under the protection of the CIA. 

Where does Kim Jun-Un fit into the photo? 

Its the most astounding need of the ALL the world's administration to keep up TOP SECRET/SCI for people with "Level M" National Security Clearance or more!! 

North Korean Leader Kim Jung-Un isn't an individual from the "Terrific Masonic Lodge. The People's Republic of North Korea are not Christians; Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, and so forth. The general population of North Korea doesn't have a religious belief system! They are not controlled by the IMF or World Bank. The People of North Korea are dutiful and faithful to their pioneer and "nothing is limited from them from which they envisioned to do - Genesis 11:6 KJV. The general population of North Korea is One!

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