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How to Tell if a Diamond is Real or Fake

There are many ways to distinguish the characteristics of the real diamond from the fake, including: [4] ..


How to Tell if a Diamond is Real or Fake

 1 Breathing test  

By placing the diamond near the mouth and breathing on its flat surface, the diamond will distribute the heat immediately, instead of appearing cloudy it will appear transparent immediately.

 2 Scratch Test:

By scratching the diamonds with a piece of glass, and depending on the degree of hardness of the diamond according to the Mohs scale, the real diamond will scratch the glass, but if it is fake it will not leave any trace or scratch on the glass.

3  Paper test:

 Used for large diamond stones, by placing the stones on the writing or point, if the vision is clear, it indicates that the diamond is fake, but if not able to see the writing or point it indicates that the diamond is real, because of the property of refraction of light in a way that hinders See what is underneath.

4 Water test:

The diamond is placed in a glass of water. If the stone is stabilized at the bottom of the cup, it will be true. The fake diamond will float because of the presence of different materials.