Tattoos for women: totally recommended designs!

Do you want a tattoo but do not know what to do? Surely you have researched thousands of pages and do not know which tattoo to choose, calm! In this article we will show you  highly recommended designs, maybe you will find your ideal tattoo.
The first thing you must remember is that a tattoo is for life, so it must be something that you like a lot and do not do it just because everyone has it. And your choice will depend on your personality and the purpose of getting a tattoo. Confused? All your doubts will be clarified!
  If you are a daring girl, who likes to take risks and experience new things, we will show you 4 tattoos that could be ideal for you.
Behind the ear: There is nothing bolder than a tattoo behind the ear, you will be the center of attention when you pick up your hair, or if you have short hair, your tattoo will not go unnoticed. You can place a feather, a flower or an abstract figure are perfect for you.
Sentence on the side: Is there a phrase you love? Why not get a tattoo? If you have the courage, the side is perfect because you can choose how long your ideal phrase will be. If you are a daring girl with love for writing, this type of tattoo will define you perfectly.

The center of the back: Some flowers, your zodiac sign, or another symbol that represents you as a whole to some detail that you love is perfect to cover the upper part of your back, or go down it if you want a sensual touch.

Clavicle Zone: If you want to show off your new tattoo a bit, choose a simple design on the clavicle, a small flower or a short phrase with a cute font that looks conservative and quite attractive.
A ring: A ring-shaped tattoo remains region, it is small, but it does not go unnoticed.

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