Btc roulette Where is the Butterfly Garden located in Dubai

Where is the Butterfly Garden located in Dubai

Butterfly garden site

Located in the south of Al Barsha, Butterfly Garden is part of Dubai Miracle Gardens and contains 15,000 exotic butterfly brought from all over the world, including Thailand, the Philippines and Costa Rica.There are also 120 species of tropical plants and ponds with large koi fish. In Dubai, tourists have the opportunity to admire the scenic landscape in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. [1]
 Designed as a circle of 4000 square meters, the Butterfly Garden is the largest butterflies garden in the world.It consists of a butterflies museum, and nine domes of different colors planted with nectar plants to attract and keep butterflies in place. The butterfly in the center of the domes, as shown by three-dimensional flowers and colorful flowers, and contain fish ponds of different sizes to enable visitors to feed fish by hand, and the butterfly garden enables visitors to monitor the life cycle of the butterfly and see all the stages of growth and provide a small cafe and gift shop Brother Yar Memorial gifts from a wide range of butterfly structures. [2]

Information about the butterfly garden

Dubai Butterflies Garden is the idea of ​​Akar Agricultural Services and Agriculture Company. One of the most popular butterflies is the blue morpho butterflies, which include three species of the park. There are also butterflies from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The butterfly garden is enough for 300 people, and the park welcomes visitors all year round.

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